• 2016 APCT Round 1.5!

      It is my pleasure to announce Round 1.5, where the top 24 runner-ups from Round 1 will face off against the 8 Tournament Champions in 6 vs. 2 free-for-alls (single-vote only, of course). The round will be four matches long, and four characters from each match will move on to Round 2, for a total of 16 characters. It's time for both the Champs and you, the campaigners, to test your mettle. Will you support a past Champion? Or will rally behind one of the fresh faces yearning for a second chance? Let your vote decide.

      The Round 1.5 matches will start on Wednesday and end on Sunday, and Round 2 will begin on Monday. And just to make this perfectly clear: No, this is not a gag, the winners of Round 1.5 will advance to Round 2, so make sure that you bring your best campaigns and build some strong bandwagons if you want your character(s) of choice to make it through.

      For more information, such as the list of match ups, please see the
      Round 1.5 Discussion Thread.
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