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  1. That is an undeniable fact.
  2. Tatsuki is love, Tatsuki is life.
  3. You back off my waifu, sir!
  4. If I can find a good colorspread, I certainly could use her!
  5. Ew, Bleach avatar.
    (Tatsuki is best girl.)
  6. I think my AP name *used* to be the penname of my first account...."MetaDash" (in my sig) is used for Miiverse and Youtube. I do have a deviantart IIRC (different name), but I haven't logged in forever.

    So yeah, cool that you'd want to look at my Fanfiction. The Bleach story is my main focus atm, but I have one-shots for Smash, Haruhi, and Fire Emblem.
  7. Yeah, this username goes back to deviantArt. haha
  8. Yeah this looks familar! Lol, you have the same name here, hehe.
  9. It's called Transcending Aesthetics, if you want to read it... and then be disappointed that there are only two chapters available.
  10. Holy crap I might have read that one, because I know the Chad/Tatsuki selection is limited.
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