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  1. That is an undeniable fact.
  2. You back off my waifu, sir!
  3. Ew, Bleach avatar.
    (Tatsuki is best girl.)
  4. Yeah, this username goes back to deviantArt. haha
  5. It's called Transcending Aesthetics, if you want to read it... and then be disappointed that there are only two chapters available.
  6. I remember I started a Bleach fanfic between Chad and Tatsuki, intending to make it a lemon eventually, but I only ended up doing two chapters and it's been on hiatus for years. People still occasionally favorite/review it, though. :D
  7. Fantastic. I demand you rewrite it so I can read it. :D
  8. That's amazing. Do you still have it somewhere? If so, I'd love to give it a read. You know, for science. haha
  9. A lemon? Oh, myyy. Do tell.
  10. ​I didn't know you dabbled in fanfic, Meta. I'll have to check your stuff out sometime.
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