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  1. Ah, I see! o:

    Well, besides video game music, I also enjoy remixes from those same games XD

    Like for example this:
  2. No problem. As you might be aware (probably), I really like discussing game soundtracks. Outside of Persona (which it great stuff), what do you like.
  3. Thanks for accepting my friend request! ^^
  4. And thank you for answering my question! So, anyhow, how was your day?
  5. Oh, I see. And well, for the tournament, I think that memes probably were overused too much, etc. Hence on why they might have gotten the ban.
  6. An overused meme thats 'stale and nasty'. At least that what I think it is. Personally, I love them, but it seems AP disagrees.
  7. Hi there! I was curious about something. What is a dank meme specifically? I tried looking it up, but it gave me different answers. Same with looking it up through Google images. As all of them were different, and I could not find repeating images.
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