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  1. Still alive and kicking, brother?
  2. Thanks bro. Same goes for yours though.
  3. Sick av. Looking like he's about to lay down the law.
  4. The unknown trucker character may be me for a few years lol. I drove to Dallas because that's the road I want to take to my "end game destination", that being New York City. Dallas is a bustling business city that's also rather trashy lol. BUT it did strengthen my desire to continue working towards my Finance degree. I wanna work in those big, glowy buildings, man, wearing a suit and tie and taking home fat bags of money. I've been attracted to this competetive career for a while and I wanna finish up the prep stage. Visually seeing somethimg from your eyes is soooo different to thinking about it a lot.

    Yeah I drove by myself, made it more terrifying/interesting lol. When it's just you and you don't know the way... Kinda spooky.
  5. Long drive to a mysterious city? DP driving himself? Tramping? And is there an unknown trucker character? I'm all ears. ╰(・∇・╰)
  6. Just went on a looong 15 hour drive on some days off I took. Wanted to visit a big city and so I did. The drive was brutal lol. Makes me realize that truckers don't only have to watch out for what's happening on the road, but also what's happening with their physical condition.

    Not only fine but mighty fine! Excellent.
  7. It's DP! :D

    I'm doing fine, man. Doing mighty fine. How bout you? What's cracking over there? :')
  8. 'Zroo! How are you doing! I demand to know! D:<
  9. Np buddy! Thanks for the good wishes! :)

    Haha that sounds great to be frank. You seem to be working your fair share of hours but it's earning you a nice buck as well. Seriously, congrats to you as well, dp! Glad to hear that things are finally clicking for you, my friend. (:
  10. First, happy birthday! Sorry, I wasn't on AP to see it. Hope you had a stellar time.

    So! I ended up landing that job, the one at Coyote Candle Company. All it really is, to put it simply, is just a retail/warehouse type job that sells eccentric western things and pays us too well. I clear my bills by a wide margin (if I consider what bills I'd have if I was out on my own again), so I can pay all of my bills and then save 50% of the rest of the money each month with this job. I actually make MORE than any of my previous jobs just starting out here.

    The owner has a cool philosophy in that he WANTS us to get a lot of hours, and he's been doing this a long time. My minimum per week is 54 hours, but I can go up to 70+ a week if I want to.

    I just wanted to wait until it seemed like I had somewhat of a tenure at the job, and it does indeed seem like they're keeping me after I've asked around a bit. :) Also, they feed us cupcakes and pizza on the job.
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