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  1. Oh shucks, you always know the right things to say, don't you Enzy?
  2. Sexy new color you got going there~
  3. Glad to hear, old chap~

    As for me, at the end of February. I'm already checking nice places in Florida.
  4. Haha, Thanks Enzy!

    It was a great day :)

    When are you hitting the big quarter century then?
  5. Oh shit, almost missed Rob's birthday. Another oh shit, Rob's only a few months older than me. #-#

    Happy Birthday, you crazy guy! Here's hoping you're spending it nicely :D
  6. Haha, yeah it has that effect.

    I knew you'd love it.
  7. I bought Gunslinger a while ago but for two whole months it's been lying on my shelf, my focus being on other things. Yesterday I walked past it and figured why not open the book at last and start reading? Big mistake as now I cannot stop anymore. '-'
  8. Thank you, fine sir.
  9. That star looks good on you, Enzy.
  10. Haha, you will not be disappointed, Enzy.

    You have my official RobZilla guarantee!
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