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  1. Merry Christmas and happy festivities !!
  2. Yes, I am enjoying the third part indeed! And so far I don't have a favorite character, but anyways I can't wait to see what happens in the story next! :3
  3. Hey, so far, are you liking the third part ? Do you have a favorite character ? Thanks !!
  4. Feeling old, besides that, mostly unhappy with my life, but I am living.
  5. You're welcome! So, how have you been? ^^
  6. Wow, how many wishes I won. :3 Thanks !!
  7. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day! :3
  8. Oh, okay. Thanks for letting me know! :3

    Yes, I can play your signature game. I make my entry tonight or tomorrow.
  9. Oh, I'm sorry, I thought I already answered you, anyway .... I spread her ashes in her old house, the house where she grew up with her family, it was a small ceremony, but it was great.

    Another thing, can you play the game in my sig ? I want to end it ASAP.
  10. Oh, okay. What do you plan to do with the ashes over there? Spread them, or is it something else? *curious*

    Ah, I see. (About the video games.) I have not heard of Marvel Puzzle Quest, but I know of League of Legends. And I can relate, as I like to help others as well, in work or non-work situations.

    As for me, everything is going well with my job! I got another raise, just because I'm a good worker! I also expect to get a third raise in November for my yearly evaluation. (The first raise was on my one year anniversary.) Besides that, I have been having car issues, so my roommate has been selling her rare Sega Saturn games on Ebay, so we can buy a new car. Here's hoping they will sell quickly enough! In the meantime, have to take the bus to work, and I have a fear of crowds, plus I'm scared of getting lost too. So, yeah.
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