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  1. It had its ups and downs, but in all honesty, the Nintendo direct cheered me up.
  2. Almost slipped my mind to check the birthdays for today. Happy Birthday, bro! Hope you had a good day.
  3. It was decent, yes. Thanks, Meta. :)
  4. happy birthday, man. Hope it's a good one~
  5. I got it on August 1st, actually. Thanks!
  6. Did you really only just get your star? I could've sworn you already had it since a while back. Anyway, congrats, man. :)
  7. .....argh. I kinda wanted a Pro Controller if I ever wanted to switch off the gamepad and said game didn't support my old wiimotes. But will a Classic Controller be viable for Smash? no no wait, I still have Gamecube controllers.....I can buy the adapter.....maybe that'll work for possible GC virtual console titles.

    so conflicted.
  8. You should definitely pick one up during Best Buy's sale, which starts on the 20th. They'll be priced at $30. Also, I don't think the Pro Controller works for VC titles that require using the Wii channel, so you're probably going to need a Classic Controller anyway. Unless you wait until they update all titles to run on the Wii U (if they even do it for all VC titles, that is).
  9. Lucky you. I was excited to play with my brother only to find out we need a new controller......maybe I'll buy a Pro Controller soon, considering it would be needed for my Wii-transferred virtual console titles.

    co-op is only for the arena mode though, not story. It's split screen.
  10. The first part is kind of lame, and I did read about it in Nintendo Life's review. As for the second part, we do own a Classic Controller and are planning to pick up a discounted Pro Controller at Best Buy's upcoming sale, so it's a non-issue. Of course, the BIG issue is the download itself... :D
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