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  1. I remember I started a Bleach fanfic between Chad and Tatsuki, intending to make it a lemon eventually, but I only ended up doing two chapters and it's been on hiatus for years. People still occasionally favorite/review it, though. :D
  2. Real talk, I've....filtered the M-rated results before and....did research. I definitely would be more confident in writing one!
  3. Fantastic. I demand you rewrite it so I can read it. :D
  4. I'm afraid not, lol. But I'll tell you the name. was "Desert Passion". I am trash.
  5. That's amazing. Do you still have it somewhere? If so, I'd love to give it a read. You know, for science. haha
  6. 15 year old self, and I'm seriously when I say this, penned a Luffy/Vivi lemon. (I was HUGE on the pairing all those years ago). I was a little embarrassed writing it, and I quickly deleted it because I was worried someone I knew would find it and link it back to me.
  7. A lemon? Oh, myyy. Do tell.
  8. I had a history with Fanfiction, you see. I did have an account before, heck I even had a thread putting the link. But my story was a Dragon Ball / One Piece crossover that thinking back too, I really did not like. plus a lemon

    But I consider myself to be a sizable buff that browses often. Figured I'd get back into things and start over.
  9. ​I didn't know you dabbled in fanfic, Meta. I'll have to check your stuff out sometime.
  10. 10/10, gotta love the numbers matching.

    Happy birthday man! :)
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