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  1. Indeed, my friend. It's tentacular! Literally.
  2. Squidtastic! :D
  3. Indeed he did. Good thing I spotted his tweet on my timeline, or I wouldn't have known.
  4. Holy squid he got the game too???

    Thanks, I'll give it a shot when I get home.
  5. Want to play a Squid Girl-themed Mario Maker level made by Squid Girl's creator? Rhetorical question! Of course you do!

    Here's the code (and I recommend following him, since his levels are pretty good): 460C-0000-000F-DD9B
  6. Gasp! That's a shame, but I'm sure you'll get to it. You should drop by the IRC channel more often, so Wags can just stream the show. :D
  7. Have not started yet. :3
  8. It's both! She sings that song. How far have you gotten? I thought you might have already seen that episode, since it's a fairly early one.
  9. quoting her or is this a show song lyric?
  10. I can show you how to be smart, in the real way.
    And I know that we can be smart, in the real way.
    I want to inspire you.
    I want to be your rock, and when I talk it lights a fire in you.
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