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  1. Happy birthday, my green friend! :D
  2. Ah, the taste of a long-standing debt paid off... :P
  3. Anytime, man. I still owe you for making my awesome ava+sig, after all haha
  4. You're a lifesaver. Without this Capsule, I would've probably had to return the Legendary I got for the Scizor AND looked like a scammer. I figured the kid wouldn't mind, considering he wanted to use the Scizor as a Mega (which changes abilities to Technician), but he totally did. I honestly thought it had Technician, though, but I only found out I was wrong when we were on the trade screen. :D
  5. Take your time, mate. I appreciate the help.
  6. I can do that for you, sure. I'll get started after I get some sleep. Right now, though, I need the Ability Capsule so that I don't look like a scamming douche... :D
  7. I don't need any IV mons but could you instead take me up on my offer from yesterday (i.e. turn my Rayquaza into as many djinn as possible)? That would be pretty awesome.
  8. Yo, En, do you think you can trade me an Ability Capsule? I traded a guy a shiny Scizor that I thought had Technician, but it turns out it had Swarm, so I offered to get him one so that he doesn't think I was trying to rip him off. I can give you one of my 5 IV Fighting-types for it. I'd really appreciate it, man...
  9. I only have one other campaign. Editing gifs takes time and is tedious! Especially when you have to go screenshot hunting...
  10. At this point you should save the good stuff for round 2 since I doubt that she'll lose this match.
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