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  1. It works, indeed! Downloading the demo now. Thanks, Noqanky. :)
  2. That ... is a fantastic question. Need to look for such a code... YES! Found it, you can use this one: A04P4KSV1714KB12. Let me know if it works!
  3. Hey, Noqanky, I was wondering if you still had a demo code for Tomodachi Life? I am interested in the game, but I'd like to give it a whirl before making my decision. If you already gave both of them away, though, then never mind. :P
  4. It entails me randomly posting a message on your wall because I noticed our avatars had something in common! Beyond that... how are you? :D
  5. Not sure what that entails, but I like it! At least until I figure out what avatar to get later. xD
  6. Hey, Noqanky, want to form a surly blondes alliance? :P
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