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  1. My big plan to make lunatic rev midgame to endgame more enjoyable and to prevent turning into a royal fest like it was my hard run and at the same time showing the middle finger to rev. unit balance is coming to fruition just need to pass the other two in lunatic first. Here's a teaser. This guy has the stats equivalent to Conquest chapter 18 general bosses. I went against a skirmish in my Birthright file with two hexing rod users to get a descendant form penta axe general.
  2. I'll probably come back to Lunatic one of the two good games once I cleanse myself of Revelations's horrible map design. There are still several child Paralogues I never played either.
  3. Damn, rev really sour you, can't blame you though, but with the exception of rev. stat inflation and rev bad unit balance Lunatic difficulty is way better that it was in awakening, birthright is still easy on Lunatic they just trow more cannon fodder to Ryoma lol.
  4. I haven't tried Lunatic on any version after I played Awakening and really hated Lunatic on that one. Actually, I stalled out on Revelations two months ago and haven't played since.
  5. Just out of curiosity did you try lunatic yet?
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