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  1. I'd only be cool with a Jimbei vs Burgess fight if 70% of the battle is basically a manly sumo wrestling match.
  2. True, it does come with that possibility since most people would go for ship role matchups. The thing is though some of them sound very "meh". Ever since Greg brought the thought process of "What would be interesting to see in One Piece?" to my head, I've been thinking of your thoughts from the theories thread and they sound very intriguing, like your idea of Jinbe vs. Vasco Shot due to the latter maybe having skills in Drunken Fishman Karate, or Sanji vs. Burgess with kicks (lower half) against punches (upper half).

    Of course, nothing is concrete right now, but it doesn't hurt to speculate.
  3. Exactly. It all makes sense. But I'm sure that it will cause people to pair-up Jimbei with Burgess for a helmsman matchup. It's possible, but I'm not too sure about it happening.
  4. I wouldn't be bothered by it. I mean, the last time Jinbei was behind the steering wheel was when Luffy and everyone were making their way to Marineford and was able to ride a tsunami made by Papa Whitebeard, that was pretty cool to witness. With his knowledge of the ocean being a fishman and Nami's weather foresight, not even the New World's crazy weather conditions would be a match for them, not that it stopped them before, but it's awesome to imagine the thought.

    Plus, others like Nami or Sanji used make the plans and diversions too, but I'm guessing when the crew is together Jinbei will do most of the plotting while the rest would pitch in their thoughts. Besides, who else is gonna name 'em lol?
  5. I wonder how surprised people will be when Jimbei, as appreciated as he will be as the crew's most tactical thinker, will be relegated to a position as mundane as the Helmsman. You know that Oda's the type to do something like that.
  6. Thank you, Tenth. You've been a really swell friend and fellow newcomer since I joined. And I still think that there couldn't be a better fit for the Friendliest award than you.

  7. Definitely funny. I couldn't be creepy even if I tried.
  8. But are you funny drunk uncle or the creepy drunk uncle?
  9. Don't worry about it, it's all good. And thanks, somebody's gotta take the family role of the uncle.
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