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  1. I understand. Personally, I would prefer Green Lantern: The Animated Series returning instead of Young Justice.
  2. You do have a point there, those two have a more identifiable brand. I was just doin' some wishful thinking is all. :P
  3. Eh... Samurai Jack, and Young Justice for that matter, are extremely popular shows though.
  4. Tbh, all I know about Sym-Bionic Titan is that it's inspired from mecha anime and that the three main characters come from a war-torn planet and fuse Voltron-style to become a giant mecha titan robot. There was gonna be a plot and everything, but got cut off CN 20 episodes in because "toy license issues". I was just thinking that if Samurai Jack could come back and finish the series' plot after 13 years of absence, maybe Sym-Bionic Titan could get the same treatment?
  5. Yeah, that was pretty much my take on the finale. I kind of wished that Aku put up more a fight against Jack, but it was right after their first battle and there was screen time constraints.

    I watched a few episodes of that show, but don't remember it much. Was it that good?
  6. Let's see now... I liked the meta intro at the beginning and Aku at the end going "WRONG!" I got to see the fishpeople, "Jump Good", and Jack and Scotty have their 50 Years Later reunion, and the final battle was exactly how I foresaw it, all of Jack's allies and friends coming together to fight against Aku to save Jack, I loved it. The final battle in the past and Jack's last scream was hype.

    Ashi fading out of existence felt kinda sour to me since time travel rules were never established during the series and somehow now they are? But I didn't let it get to me too much.

    All in all, the fact that I lived long enough to see the ending of Samurai Jack, a piece of my childhood, is a very bittersweet feeling. But I'm glad Gennedy got to finish his series. Now, for Sym-Bionic Titan...
  7. So how about that Samurai Jack finale?
  8. I'd only be cool with a Jimbei vs Burgess fight if 70% of the battle is basically a manly sumo wrestling match.
  9. True, it does come with that possibility since most people would go for ship role matchups. The thing is though some of them sound very "meh". Ever since Greg brought the thought process of "What would be interesting to see in One Piece?" to my head, I've been thinking of your thoughts from the theories thread and they sound very intriguing, like your idea of Jinbe vs. Vasco Shot due to the latter maybe having skills in Drunken Fishman Karate, or Sanji vs. Burgess with kicks (lower half) against punches (upper half).

    Of course, nothing is concrete right now, but it doesn't hurt to speculate.
  10. Exactly. It all makes sense. But I'm sure that it will cause people to pair-up Jimbei with Burgess for a helmsman matchup. It's possible, but I'm not too sure about it happening.
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