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  1. No problem at all lol.
  2. I was gonna get down to watching it eventually, then I forgot due to life and stuff. Thanks for reminding me!
  3. Breaking Bad is so freaking good. I can't recommend it enough. If you like suspense, crime dramas, internal/philosophical conflict, humor, and character bonds growing/being tested, check it out.
  4. Yo, Tenth. I hope I'm not bothering you right now, but I would love your feedback on a post I just made in the Theories thread within the Manga section. It's relevant to a recent discussion that was had in the New Crewmate section. :P
  5. No prob man! I'll be looking forward to that fateful day!

  6. Thank you for the congratulations! In time, I am sure you will ascend as well. And I will be the first hand to reach down and greet you into the next plane of being.
  7. As a guy who mildly likes Mihawk, I approve of this.
  8. And Brook will sit out. Because he has been and always will be a pathetic swordsman. In fact, Pedro can join instead.
  9. That second image of Jimbei and Mihawk rocking Mafia suits convinced me that Mihawk will show up to the wedding. He will be disappointed to not find Zoro there, but will settle for a 1v3 against Cracker, Bobbin, and Amande. They'll probably tango as entertainment during the wedding reception.
  10. Who knows? But with how many times they've been in a pic together, maybe.

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