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  1. I see them. They are glorious, my friend.
  2. Trust me, the One Piece x Overwatch art doesn't even stop there.
  3. Those images are AWESOME. I love Jinbe wielding a huge anchor and Blackbeard using chains lol.
  4. With a fin on one head, and a hook that sinks ships, here's a glimpse of the whalepocalypse!

    And a extra bonus that I'm sure you'll enjoy, Zehahahaha...

  5. Damn, your new avatar looks amazing. I would love to get a link to the full-sized image of it lol.
  6. I understand. Personally, I would prefer Green Lantern: The Animated Series returning instead of Young Justice.
  7. You do have a point there, those two have a more identifiable brand. I was just doin' some wishful thinking is all. :P
  8. Eh... Samurai Jack, and Young Justice for that matter, are extremely popular shows though.
  9. Tbh, all I know about Sym-Bionic Titan is that it's inspired from mecha anime and that the three main characters come from a war-torn planet and fuse Voltron-style to become a giant mecha titan robot. There was gonna be a plot and everything, but got cut off CN 20 episodes in because "toy license issues". I was just thinking that if Samurai Jack could come back and finish the series' plot after 13 years of absence, maybe Sym-Bionic Titan could get the same treatment?
  10. Yeah, that was pretty much my take on the finale. I kind of wished that Aku put up more a fight against Jack, but it was right after their first battle and there was screen time constraints.

    I watched a few episodes of that show, but don't remember it much. Was it that good?
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