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  1. That is a VERY good point. All of the groundwork was already there for Pudding to only be viewed as a tool. But you know Oda and his fixation on backstories focusing on the victim being some sort of social outcast based on prejudice.

    I will see how everything turns out too. The flashback with Prometheus can come up, but I don't see why it couldn't have been shown earlier. We know Brook cut him, there's nothing to hide about that.

    It's not that I'm really bothered by Bege's lack of screen time as much as that I would have really appreciated seeing how some of his plan came together than having everything conveniently setup off-panel when the alliance is about to be made. Bobbin was shot, but we had no indication of how Sanji could be followed by a third party. And that wounded Reiju cliffhanger still came a bit too much out of nowhere for my taste.
  2. lol I didn't notice that I never replied to this. Um... Chopper And Carrot's time in the Mirror World for sure. I would have preferred getting an extra page or two of Brook getting pummeled by Big Mom and Brook wounding Prometheus. Perhaps some pages of Bege's scheming and healthy relationship with Big Mom rather than only having him show up in the Pekoms attempt assassination scene before showing up again right before the Yonko Assassination Alliance is formed. I would have also liked to see how Nami found out rain could affect Cracker's biscuits with a few panels. And building up Pudding's third eye discrimination more.

    I think all of that could have been done in the length of two chapters spread out in the arc.
  3. I think we'll easily get that many chapters out of this conflict, the chaos is only just starting. We haven't even seen the Vinsmokes' reactions to everything yet, let alone given them or the Charlotte kids or Capone or any of Luffy's team besides Jinbe a meaningful or climactic scene. In fact, given how many people are involved and how easily Oda's stories expand beyond his control, to the end of vol 87 is a conservative estimate.

    Ceasar is an obvious pick for a plotline that needed at least one more scene, but who else do you feel has been lacking?
  4. I hope that Whole Cake Island lasts up to the 880's, meaning that Volumes 86 and 87 are completely about Whole Cake. That might seem a bit of a stretch, but that would be my preferred length to make up for how rushed some of the scenes and plotlines have been this arc with panel-time.
  5. Time for another signature alteration.
  6. You know, when you need to make more space in your signature, you can just put in "To Be Continued" like the end of every anime episode. Simple, effective, and most of all, authentic to One Piece. Especially if it has the same font as the anime.
  7. You can try to switch out adventure for shorter synonyms like "journey" and "quest", if it helps.
  8. Doing it now actually :P
    I think I've got til about this time next year before I really have to worry about the covers catching up to the text, but who knows what I'm gonna do then...
  9. Time to add a new volume cover to your signature. :P


  10. Hey thanks! I wish the forum allowed larger sig images tho, you just can't properly appreciate Oda's art at 500x200
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