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  1. Yo gimme the Graveyard
  2. Thanks dude, I appreciated it. And I hope that you are doing well too
  3. Happy birthday, even though you haven't arrived at the same day i have right now.
  4. I was??

    No, I wasn't pissed the other day...could you remind me of what i did? I'm a bit confused...
  5. You just seemed kind a pissed yesterday, is all.
  6. Huh? What do you mean?
  7. You okay dude? Something wrong?
  8. It is by order of Trappy, i'll beat you to a pulp.
  9. What was that? Dine? Are you asking me out?! Well sure but I need to freshen up first~
  10. I'm here to pick a fight with you to keep my charms going. Die.
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