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  1. One of the categories that's currently open for the Arlong Park Awards is best Jojo fight. Specifically in Diamond is Unbreakable. Just thought you should know. :PEDIT: Actually, wait. Maybe you could also choose a fight from Jojolion in 2016 lol.
  2. Ah. That's pretty sweet!
  3. The mafia game. Space, Wooden and myself were the winners.
  4. A trophy for what, exactly lol?
  5. Thanks haha. The banana is like a trophy.
  6. Nice new avatar.
  7. Big Mom's not a good person. But I wouldn't go as far as to say "irredeemable" just yet compared to how absolutely despicable and lacking ANY positive traits eery previous antagonist was, and how the Vinsmokes and Bege are (meaning they're likely to take over as the main antagonists of Totland from a coup). And Lola praised her for some reason, even though she should detest her like Pudding.

    But Kaido is a beast that seriously needs to be put down. He's the real big cheese here. Hence why so many forces are being gathered up.

    Sorry for so many messages. I tend to type long, as you understand lol. You know, comparing the vices of Big Mom and Kaido to see whose worse reminds me of the current election making us choose between Hillary and Trump. XD
  8. AND he's the kingpin of the whole SMILE operation since Punk Hazard. Making a huge Zoan army to start a world war. Hell, do you remember how it was said during Marineford that Kaido tried to come over in order to kill Whitebeard before Shanks managed to intercept him?

    Also, Big Mom killed her kid from a mental illness. And if you pay attention to when she talks to Jimbei, she doesn't remember what happened when she rampaged. Also, her children mysteriously moved the body as quickly as possible. He will inevitably be brought back to life. Oden, as a flashback character, will not. I also wouldn't call her dreams shallow before seeing the inevitable Totland/Charlotte Family flashback either. There are probably deep reasons behind why she wants to make a harmonious racial utopia and have her family be similar in size to her. Also, we know now that Big Mom was eating food Homies. Who frequently talk about how they like being eaten.
  9. Not only that, but look at Jack's actions on Zou of not being willing to negotiate and finding any excuse to cause destruction. Unleashing Caesar's poison gas and literally crucifying the Minks, as well as cutting limbs. And how Jack tortured Sheepshead when he reported that he couldn't find Raizou. While Jack is obviously not Kaido, he is meant to represent how the Beast Pirates like to operate.

    And then there's that tense confession from the Samurai on Zou about how Kaido is ruling over Wano Country with the Shogun and killed Oden, Momo's father. It is very likely that Momo will get a flashback from this and glimpses of Kaido telling him his father was weak. And if so, that means we'll see Kaido killing Oden on-panel. Similar to Arlong killing Bellemere in front of Nami and Nojiko, and Dr. Hililuk exploding in front of Wapol. Big Mom has done messed up stuff, don't get me wrong. But most of that is pretty much off-panel.
  10. And here is the thing about Kaido. Yes, we have more specific intel on Big Mom's misdeeds. This is obvious since we're in the middle of her arc and Kaido's time will come during Wano Country.

    But it's definitely Kaido who is being built up to be the bigger threat. See, comparing Kaido beating Moria to Mihawk beating Don Krieg isn't a fair comparison. What I was drawing attention to was not that Moria was beaten, but how Moria mentions that his entire crew got SLAUGHTERED. To the point of breaking his mind enough to rely on zombies since they don't die and giving up the ambition to put personal effort into piracy. Mihawk's situation was just trolling lol, and Don Krieg was supposed to be pathetic and cowardly with how he relied on tools and cowardice. Think about how Oda was trying to establish Kaido as this intimidating monstrous force without mercy from a narrative perspective than just the superficial side of it.
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