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  1. I will see how they handle things. Still mad about Oracle no longer being a thing and the butchering of other character's personalities.
  2. That's sad to hear about DC. But you have heard about how Rebirth is bringing back old characters and continuity, right? Just thought you should know.

    I mainly used to follow Spider-Man, Daredevil, Flash, Batman, Thor, and various other comic series in-between. I have whole shoeboxes filled with modern and old comics, including reprints of the first several issues of Amazing Spider-Man and old Iron Man comics for some reason. I also collected Mega Man and Sonic Archie comics for a brief while.
  3. Mostly stuff like Batman (also teen titans and other related comics) or Iron Man, X-men, avengers etc. Although I have stopped following DC ever since the new 52 reboot =( I have also read a lot of the old less known golden age comics for lols like Blackhawk
  4. Yeah. It didn't do too well though. But the first game got a complete remake that ties into the movie (which is also based on the first game lol) for PS4, and it's one of the top-selling PS4 games and the best-selling R&C game since the PS2.

    I can definitely agree with that. Not to mention more consistent storytelling, less event tie-ins, needless cameos from other series' characters, etc lol. But this kind of makes me think of who Shonen Jump would pick to replace Oda as the writer/artists if something tragic happened to him...

    Which comic books were/are you into though? I mainly used to dabble in Marvel and DC, but I've tried expanding beyond them recently.
  5. Ratchet & Clank movie? I had no idea that was a thing.

    I used to be more into American comics although lately there just seems to be too much going on in so many publications it is hard to keep track of with a busy schedule. A good thing about One Piece is Oda being the only author and I only have to get the volumes by him for the whole story lol.
  6. That's cute lol. Take as much time as you need. Just so you know, my avatar comes from the comic book series The Superior Spider-Man, where Doctor Octopus switches minds with Peter Parker and becomes the main Spider-Man while Peter Parker died in Doc Ock's disease-ridden body (yes, I know how that sounds). I'm a bit of a comic book fan, as you can see. And my signature is from the Ratchet & Clank movie since I'm a fan of the video games.
  7. haha thanks, this one will do at least until I pick or take the time to make a new one.
  8. Thank you! I actually love to debate, but things can easily go wrong if you take things too personally like you said rather than maintaining an objective mindset regarding story quality. I actually don't just theorize and criticize for the sake of proving that I'm right, but to also hear out the other side and see if I'm wrong. Otherwise, what's the point of debating if it's just for the sake of stubbornness?

    Just some random advice though since you're new. It'll be a while before you get voting privileges. I recommend posting a lot and maybe a comment or too in the tournament section to get yourself noticed since users since voting privileges are granted on a case-by-case basis. I joined in early August and got my voting ability by the end of that same month, but to be fair, I like to post a lot on forums. You can also attach an avatar whenever you feel like it lol, unless you're fine without one.
  9. Regarding your post in my topic: No prob. I am glad we have a similar opinion about the forums. Too many people get worked up about being disagreed with and turn discussions into a personal thing, instead of focusing on our shared enjoyment of a Japanese comic about a rubber pirate. From what I have seen of you so far I am glad to have you around!
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