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  1. Oh, cool. That sounds like fun! Especially the part about getting access to a secret subforum! o:

    I don't have much plans for summer. Just work, and getting my stuff done like video games, books, etc. So, nothing too specific that actually relates to summer though o.o

    Besides that I am trying to teach myself French again, as I borrowed a language workbook from the library, so been working on that as well.
  2. Its the 20++ day of the game. I think I am doing reasonably well for a new player, or so I hope.

    Well, an audience seat basically means that you are... er... an audience of the game. You can view the game but unfortunately can't play, and the audiences are given a subforum where they can make commentary and stuff, if I am not mistaken. A bit like watching real life football.

    What are your plans for the summer (its Summer, right? )?
  3. Oh, okay. I may check that out in the future. Thanks for the link!

    So, how far are you in this game? And what do you mean by an audience seat?

    This! Basically about 20 of the forum members play some sort of elimination game in an external forum under the alias of different OP Characters. The last man/woman/fish left standing wins. Check out the last few pages of the thread to get a better idea.
    Its a bit grueling but fun too, I think you can PM Kubihige if its not too late to get an audience seat.
  5. Things have been ups and downs with me. And yup, I moved safely in my new home. I like this new area I'm living in right now.

    By the way, what's a Big Brother game? *curious*
  6. Things are doing quite well for me. I don't really spend much time on the forums anymore, since I participated in the forum Big Brother game, and its sort of consuming my time (and making me a bigger cynical bastard than before ). *weeps in corner

    But I still try to login daily to keep track on the Character Tournament, making those horrible campaigns are really fun.
    How about you? Have you safely moved into your new home?
  7. Hi there! How have things been with you since the last time we chatted?
  8. Thank you! I hope so too! :3
  9. Ah I see. Hope everything turns out well for you.
  10. Yes, it big indeed xD

    It is for a change in life. I kinda wanted to move to a more "liberal" area, plus I want to see the world, so it works all the way around! :3
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