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  1. Intense ava-sig combo you got there :P
  2. Noted. Inform me when its time for my character to appear~
  3. The RPG story will continue in September, but it will be a minor arc focusing in Wintermute adventure in Lizardonia.
  4. Its not a sad face! It was meant to be a sideway looking face. :v
  5. Why the sad face in the end ?
  6. A bit sad that Jimbe lost because I was rooting for him.
    Yes Sanji and Nami would be a good final, I think Nami doesn't get enough credit she deserves and Sanji is slowly making his comeback in the manga. Nekomamushi winning will be fine in my books too.
    If Sanji wins Moria shall be happy and blissful... I think. >_>
  7. This is going to be awesome, Nami, Sanji, Carrot and Nekomamushi. I agree with you, Carrot still need major improvement in the plot to be considered a champion. I would love to see a Sanji vs Nami final.
  8. And now, Sanji Vs Jinbe.
  9. Fine ugly Ugs... :P
    I am hoping that Jinbe will win this thing though, I grew really fond if his level-headiness and his wisdom and I like him better than Sanji.
    It would be hilarious if Ryuu wins the tournament, I wouldn't mind though I foresee some people getting upset about it.
    Carrot is a fun character but for some reason I don't think she deserves to win... yet... <_<
  10. And how could I forgot, Rosinante.
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