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  1. Why thank you freedom, and a belated happy birthday back to you, too. I have to admit I never realized our birthdays were so close either. How funny. :-) And CCC as well, as it turns out... (on the 25th)
  2. Hey BC!
    Happy Bday. Maybe I've forgotten, but I didn't realize our bdays were so close

    Have a good one!
  3. Did I just miss you? I thought it was posted some time ago...

    Besides, I... uh... have no idea what we'd be taking a rain check for. yeah, no idea...
  4. Sure. Aren't you in Florida though? I thought that was you, but maybe it was someone else. If you are, we are in the same zone. I'm in NY.
  5. It seems our time zones are not permitting today. I'm just about to leave work.Rain check till tomorrow perhaps
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