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  1. Life is decent. Just making it through my fourth college semester. I'm taking classes about poetry/plays, history, gender, Disney, and screenwriting. I'm currently indulging in lots of Scooby-Doo media out of both nostalgia and inspiration for a comic book idea I'm working on with my artist. And my birthday is coming up this Sunday, so I am finally getting a new cellphone. How have you been? I don't think I've seen you online lately.
  2. Sup, how its going ?
  3. They all look pretty good, especially since you found statues to pose with. The lighting works nicely as well.
  4. Here is my recent cosplay

  5. HAHA, I knew you would hate it, but yeah, I didn't liked the list either.
  6. That list is ass. Really ass.
  7. Here is the list, in case you want to know.
    Monster Hunter (female)
    Black Panther
    Winter Soldier
  8. Yeah, that was easy. :)
  9. No, I did not check that list.
  10. Um... is that supposed to be Lockjaw?
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