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  1. Muchas gracias
  2. Feliz cumpleanos.
  3. Haha, sure, if you prefer PMs, that's fine with me~ Either way works.

    Also, I'm on the official Arlong Park Discord channel very often, so if you're interested in joining there, there's quite a few AP members there, and some plenty of live conversation.
  4. I'm grateful for reading such sincere words of praise.

    Same! If you want, we can start now. XD Perhaps with a question about what type of manga and anime you're into. Unless you prefer private messages for these types of conversations (I do. :P)
  5. Hey, thank you! You definitely deserve yours too, you make a lot of good posts around here. And you're right, we haven't really talked, but hopefully now that'll change!
  6. I know we don't talk much. Or ever lol. But you earned that red font. Especially due to your VIZ translation posts. :)
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