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  1. Have you seen this amazing video.

    Thoughts? i think its fucking amazing.
  2. My view of the series hasn't really wavered at all over the timeskip. Sure, Oda's noticeably trying some new things and isn't always pulling them off well, but I'm still greatly enjoying it. A lot of it I think is the fact that I don't hold the pre-timeskip arcs in a significantly brighter light. I don't like Punk Hazard but I also don't like Skypiea (which isn't a very common opinion around here) and Thriller Bark is also pretty iffy to me. So for me OP has always been up and down but ultimately enjoyable throughout.
  3. What do you think of the timeskip as whole of OP? do u really think its dissapointing? i find it hard to believe that oda's writing drop drasictically after delievering the amazing marineford.
  4. Well, he had help beating Cracker too.

    Something to consider is that although Cracker and Katakuri may be stronger than Doflamingo overall, I'd strongly bet on Doflamingo being the most durable of the three. Cracker hides behind his biscuits and Katakuri dodges attacks, so while Luffy needed help dealing enough damage to Doflamingo, he was able to work on beating Cracker and Katakuri by exploiting other weaknesses and then being able to deal enough damage of his own to subdue them.
  5. Hey man, curious on this. Do you think luffy should be doing what he is doing to both cracker and katakuri despite needing help defeating doflamingo?
  6. I think gradual progress will be enough to get Luffy as strong as an admiral. He stood his ground against Fujitora OK at the end of Dressrosa, after all.
  7. I agree but i dont know how luffy will be as strong as an admiral by the end of the series without another timeskip or some kind of a small training arc and since oda is gonna do neither i cant think of any other way. Unless the idea that the straw hats get stronger every arc through experience is a good explanation.
  8. 1) That's a bit tricky. Ultimately, at the end of the series I think Luffy will be strong enough to take down the Admirals and Yonko. But I hope he still maintains creativity in his fighting style, rather than overcoming them through simple force. He's definitely not gonna destroy continents or planets lol, thankfully OP has a power cap to prevent that (mostly).

    2) Not really, since she was in the Mirro-World since their fight began and played a pretty decent role in it. That said, I don't like that particular event because it didn't lead to anything other than Luffy coming back to Mirro-World
  9. Would you consider luffy conviently finding brulee in chap 884 to be a plot convience? I always believe that the SH have earned their right to user abilities. Since she is weak enough to be subdued, her being used by luffy isnt really that bad.
  10. What would you prefer for luffy's progression? Would you want him to be the strongest character in the series by the end or would want him to simply overcome his obstacles throught teamwork,trickery, or using creative solutions? I was on the "I want luffy to bust continents and planets" crowd a while ago until i started to appreciate the dynamics of OP fights, the goofy, funny, fights were luffy tries to exploit his opponents weakness who are stronger than him.
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