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  1. You good now. .
  2. 16 characters of full inbox
  3. did i respond to your pm? i deleted my inbox by accident.
  4. Happy Birthday little youngin'!
  5. Free space. now.
  6. Your inbox is full, here's my reply since I need sleep and don't want to retype it later:

    I created Lucina and Camilla in the game, I plan to make Cordelia as well.

    Yeah, I saw that, that's why I'm hoping they become guest characters instead, Rex just got unlucky with game timing, so I'll assume him or Pyra will be added, or Nia as shes unique and I think the most popular?
    Shantae got shafted by being a Spirit only, even Shovel Knight was an Assist...that's why I hope they add her as DLC.
    I hope I can due the register thing since I'm even HOPING to get it for Christmas...
  7. isabelle in smash ; )
  8. Sorry, clear now
  9. also Talim was confirmed for Soul Calibur 6.
  10. Got Bridal Tharja after 40 orbs and got Bridal Cordelia on a free roll.
    Also finally got Sun-Sun in Brave Souls.
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