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  1. Hey, thanks!
  2. Happy birthday, my queen.
  3. Ahaha~~ I can assume that you, as an avid player of Mafia, are used to this kind of grim scenarios. I will support your reign.. For now...
  4. Haha, thanks~ And my Queen thread is bustling. Already ordered the deaths of a few dozen people. A crowning without at least a dozen deaths is considered a dull affair.
  5. Congratulations, new queen, now... Where is your Queen thread ? Where you post the new laws that we, the commoners, will have to follow ? And if we not, we will face the guillotine.

  6. Hey, thank you~ ^_^
  7. Congratulations !!!
  8. Merry Christmas and happy festivities !!
  9. Glad to see new members becoming more and more active and part of this forums, I have a good eye for good posters. ;)
  10. Sure, thanks for sending it! Always appreciate that. Even if it is just on the weekends, I'm sure we'll see each other there plenty more times in the future.
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