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  1. Recommend watching this video and this guys channel
  2. Finally got on the promised neverland train after i stopped being lazy about it. SHIT IS CRAZY AND I ONLY READ 2 FUCKING CHAPTERS LMAO.
  3. Marvel movies could learn a thing or two from their own damn comics lol. Seriously, it feels like Marvel Studios is selling themselves out by focusing so much on shallow one-time villains and comedy subverting their serious scenes. There needs to be more balance.

    And you're welcome! I really like Shigaraki's design too. Specifically the hands. While some of my favorite comic characters wear costumes, I love seeing new characters use attire that isn't spandex for masks/suits. That facepalm look is so ironically cool lol.
  4. It wasnt clear when i saw it but it could be. also thanks for your explaination it made it clear and tomura sound even cooler. really like how author gives his villians interesting motivations than the i wanna rule the world bullshit that most genric superheros movies tend to do. Marvel movies could learn a thing or two from boku no hero.
  5. I know you are in season 2. Season 2 ends with the League of Villains getting a couple new recruits.

    Shigaraki hates how people live peacefully while others are dying and how they don't know how vulnerable they really are by relying on All-Might. So yeah, what you said.

    Did you catch the glimpse of Shigaraki looming over a bloody pool of two adults or something like that? I take that to mean his parents are dead.
  6. Haven gotten far in the manga for me to have a detailed opinion, I am only in season 2 of the anime. Tomura seems like he wants to destroy society thats happy because of all might. Its hinted that he harbors resenment because he wasnt there to save him. But they havent gotten into detail yet.
  7. lol "Boku no Mac and Cheese". Might as well say Macademia and Cheese.

    Stain's great. The best part is seeing how he serves to inspire the other villains who will use his ideology in their own different ways. I really like the explicit emphasis this series places on role modeling/inspiration for both heroes and villains, which has always been an undertone of both superhero comic books and even in real life if you think about governments, civil rights, entertainment, gangs, organized crime, terrorism, etc.

    Stain's morals are deep, but also flawed. Very flawed. While he does have a point from a certain point of view, there are also pragmatic pros to superhero capitalism. You have Endeavors on one end and Urarakas on the other with the Iidas/commercial sellouts in the gray middle.

    Stain's still a corrupt villain though. Shouto's right about him being an absurd fundamentalist. His design seems to be inspired by the Eastman Ninja Turtles too.

    Have any thoughts on the League of Villains?
  8. Long time no talk man lo. Just finished season 2 boku no mac and cheese. It soo good. It easily my number 2 right below my number One Piece of course. Stain is probably one of the best villians in the series and possibly in all of shounen. I love his motivations being so unique. An antagonist thats a villain but wants to kill heroes who save people for fame and money instead of saving people because you want to help them. I wish the arc was longer and they did more with him.
  9. Of course Luffy will get Awakening and become the strongest character by the end of the series (although Oda will be sure to make Luffy look like the underdog in the final fight like usual, which will make people debate about if he's really the strongest person or not). He will probably exploit a weakness out of Kaido, but not Blackbeard or Akainu.

    He's probably going to introduce Awakening the same way he introduced Gear Second and Gear Third. Out of nowhere lol. Although we might see a bunch of Awakened Zoans in Wano Country inspire Luffy even though their Awakenings are different.
  10. Do you think luffy will gain awakening? I have seen a friend of mine that doesnt believe that he will gain awakening or any other power up for that matter. He believes that luffy wont be the literal strongest character by the end of the series. He wont be as strong as blackbeard or even akainu he will overcome them by exploiting their weakness. I am curious as to how oda is gonna sandwich awakening in the midist of the upcoming arcs without another training arc or timeskip. Cant imagine luffy gaining awakening, then learning it over the course of the series without having a training arc to master it.
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