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  1. Ikr? I'll be free in no time. Give me time and I'll make my first video game based on a magic hat and junk. lol
  2. Oh, cool! You are getting close! Nice! :)
  3. I only have to finish three semesters and that's it.
  4. Oh, okay. That's cool! :)

    How many years do you have left before you finish your degree? -curious-
  5. That's what it means.
  6. New Media Technology is a career-oriented associate's degree program fusing instruction in the new media; i.e., the interactive artistic design of interfaces, DVD and CD creation including audio and video editing, animation for the web and handheld devices, as well as basic game design.
  7. Could you go more into detail on what that is? o:
  8. New Meda Technology
  9. Ah, cool! o:

    What are you studying in school? o:
  10. Pretty fly. I did my homework and I'm about to do my test on Monday or Wednesday.
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