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  1. Oh he saw it I'm sure! You are too awesome! Thank you very much! Not sure what I could do for you but if it's probable and reasonable ask away!
  2. Hopefully he saw the message.
  3. Wait are you on Redit? I'm trying to sign up and for what ever reason I'm not getting in at all. Could you do me one huge favor if you are on there. Could you just ask on that topic you linked me to, can you say "Hey Uriah, I hear your Coach Matthew from the National Wushu Training Center misses you, you should give him a call!" Is that ok? If you aren't on Reddit either don't worry I will continue to try to get on myself.
  4. Dude you are too awesome! Thank you so much!
  5. FYI cause I remember you mentioning Uriah Shelton before.
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