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  1. Thank you. But compared to some of the other mods and senior members, I have much to learn. Which has me a bit excited lol.

    I actually remember reading your MGSV arguments on this forum as I like to lurk all over the place for the sake of it. I remember that you had a cool Luffy avatar at the time. Although I haven't even played the game. I have the MGS Legacy Collection, but I've only played MGS1. My video game backlog is pretty big lol.

    Gotcha. But now I will make sure to remember future conversations!
  2. Nah, all your points are detailed, and really explains what you are trying to say.

    True. I am actually a very vocal member in the Metal Gear Solid sub-reddit, and do get into tons of argument when it comes to defending MGSV. Maybe my passion for One Piece isn't the same as my passion for MGS.

    No prob, dude. It wasn't a very long conversation.
  3. I have trouble with droning on for too long and getting lost in using sophisticated wording instead of getting straight to the point, but I'm working on it. It's definitely beneficial to not come across as having thin skin when participating in discussions. But while you're working on that, you can gain inspiration from reading how other users you respect tend to debate. As well as learn how to pick your battles when it comes to subjects to find earnest enjoyment in. Stuff that makes you passionate enough to research and talk about in your spare time to the point of debating because it's mostly fun, not solely stressful.

    So don't force yourself. Take your time and save it for what you really love.

    Ah, now I remember. I just reread the Marvel thread lol. I am so sorry for not remembering, I like to talk about geeky stuff a lot in general as well as help inform as many people as I can.
  4. That's my goal too. I have trouble getting my point across, and can come off as a passive-aggressive, so that's why i try not to engage in all-out-discussions despite me wanting too. I do hope to improve my communication skills, and join in the discussions without coming off as a prick.

    And yea you did. I was initially not going to watch Luke Cage since i never heard of him, and didn't find him interesting from what little i had seen of him in Jessica Jones, but your post is what made me watch/ love the show, and Cuttonmouth character/ hate Diamondback lol.
  5. It's nice to hear that you think of me that way. I just hope that if you disagree with me again in the future that we can discuss it. I always like to learn other perspectives and perhaps be swayed over. Despite how passionate my longer posts can seem, I'm a lot more open-minded and fickle than most people might think lol. I debate to see if I'm wrong, not to prove that I'm right for the sake of my ego.

    Wait, I introduced you to Luke Cage? I don't remember doing that for anybody at all, but if it really happened, then thank you.
  6. I thought i added you much earlier lol.

    Why did i add you? Because your way of thinking, and communicating is just simply great, and a breath of fresh air when it comes to this particular part of the forum. While i may not necessarily agree with you on certain points, i can still see past the disagreements, and understand why you think what you think, and you have brought up some really great discussion. Plus you introduced me to Luke Cage..........
  7. I'm very grateful for the friend request! You make some nice posts around these here parts. But what exactly made you decide to send one now, if you don't mind me asking?
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