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  1. Lots of idiots would use it super literally, in which case I disagree.
    Smarter (though not tactful) people would mean something along the lines of "Prejudice is an inherent part of any given society, and people inside of it will inevitably internalize that prejudice on some level. This is especially true if you belong to the majority group." Which is white if we're talking the US or Australia. Obviously not if we're talking somewhere like Japan or India.

    So yes, I'm racist in that sense. Though the comment extends to everyone regardless, and foolish people disregard that. Ask any black person if there's internal racism among black folks and they'll affirm.

    There are lots of very stupid people in the internet left that don't really understand the good points and ideas they support, many of them simply never actually thinking about them beyond BAD or GOOD.
    However what I'll never ever understand is how the far stupider reaction them is apparently to literally embrace racism.
  2. You know, people these days are saying "you are white, therefore you are a racist".

    So are you a racist too?

    Or will you acknowledge the fact that, the statement in itself is racist?
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