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  1. Waaah, I'm relieved, I know it's a time consuming work.
    Many thanks to you and all the team.
  2. We've actually got it all typeset. The only thing we've got left is redraws, which are being worked on right now.

    Won't give any estimates, but they should all be released in due time.
  3. Hello !
    Are you guys working on the colored volume 73 to 78 ?
    If you are not, I thought maybe I would do it myself using powermanga's translation.
  4. Happy Birthday RamistaR!
  5. Thanks! I'll be glad to participate. I happen to have all the time in the world too!
  6. Hey Ramistar. Would you be interested in participating in forum big brother? It's similar to the survivor game you witnessed last year. There's one spot left!
  7. WAAAAH!! To be on the same page as our bests contributors. I will do my best to earn it!
  8. Congrats for the star!
  9. If everything goes according to plan, it should end around July 23rd.
  10. Oh thanks Galaxy!
    I was wondering. How long will the survival game last ? I can't follow it seriously before the 17th.
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