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  1. Could you free up your inbox please? o:
  2. Thank you! I appreciate it! :3
  3. Hey, happy birthday!
  4. Cleared now!
  5. Could you clear out your inbox please? o:
  6. Also, it is good that life is going well for you. Any fun classes you plan on taking next semester? And as for my holiday, it was good. I made a non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner with my roommate Sammi. Speaking of her, she is on here too, and she is known as SerraBritt. I told her to add you on here, just because :P Anyways, my Thanksgiving meal consisted of homemade egg rolls with sauce, homemade mashed potatoes with had gravy, but it was not homemade, chicken, broccoli, cranberry from a can, and sauerkraut/carrot salad that was already pre-made. -wonders what kind of Thanksgiving meal you had-

    Oh, and one more thing, when I talk about you, I like to give you a nickname, "Meta-kun". I am just letting you know, and I am also wondering if you are okay with this nickname XD Anyways, I think you are cool person, and I enjoy talking with you as well ^^
  7. Yup xD

    And nice! I also been to a lot of states, but only really on the Eastern half of the United States. I lived in four states and those are Illinois, Georgia, Missouri, and Pennsylvania. And I traveled in others either visiting or passing through, and those states are Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Also, been to one country when I was younger, and that one was Poland. I also hope to travel to more places in the future. Like the New England region and D.C for example.

    And, I see. I also like Batman a lot too. Not sure why, but I thought he was pretty cool, etc. I guess I do like the use of his gadgets and stuff, but I never really thought about why I thought he was cool XD
  8. Oh really? XD Funnily enough I have been to a plethora of states - Florida, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Mass., Virginia, Jersey, and even D.C....all east coast states mind you, but still. I would like to go to California one day though.

    I like Marvel more myself....although on the DC side, I REALLY like Batman. Something about his rugged background, surviving the epitome of crime Gotham City, fitting with more of his brains and skills then some superpower....really appeals to me.

    Life is going alright. Registered for classes, had a nice Thanksgiving, and I recently got over a cold from last week. How was your holiday, perchance?
  9. Yes, I plan to go back to visit Chicago in the future. Though the funny thing is, even though I was born there, I don't know much about it. I did not know till later that it a huge city, or it was called the windy city. The only thing I remember learning as a child when I lived there was the Great Chicago Fire XD

    And I see. (About you and your sister.)

    Anyways, regarding your last question, yes, I am familiar with Batman and Superman. And that's pretty cool. Hopefully, one day I get to read the comics too. Though I only really watched the Batman movies, and rarely the Superman ones. (Like glimpses, not really the whole movie.) But I think I watched both cartoons when I was younger. Also, I remember seeing Teen Titans and Justice League as well. Besides DC Comics, I also like Marvel a lot. (Which I think I saw much more of them than compared to DC Comics.)

    I'm also sorry about the late reply. And I hope life is treating you well! :3
  10. Eyy the windy city! I've always wanted to go there.

    Yep. We're kinda opposites but we both enjoy nerdy stuff like comics and video games. :>

    And you're familiar with Batman and Superman, yes? Basicially more heroes from their universe and stuff. Western comics have never been my forte, mainly because they include soooo many characters and there's all these reboots and stuff....stories are never linear. XD
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