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  1. HAHA, I knew you would hate it, but yeah, I didn't liked the list either.
  2. That list is ass. Really ass.
  3. Here is the list, in case you want to know.
    Monster Hunter (female)
    Black Panther
    Winter Soldier
  4. Yeah, that was easy. :)
  5. No, I did not check that list.
  6. Um... is that supposed to be Lockjaw?
  7. Guess it's something about her past with Hydra.
    A new character was released, let's see if you can guess just by the attacks.
    Loyal Protector
    Royal Escort
    The Dog That Bit You.

    Ah, did you checked the leak of the 6 DLC characters of MvCi that was posted on reddit ?
  8. What does Spider-Woman even need to seek redemption for? Ripping off Spider-Man's brand?
  9. That is incorrect, is Spider-Woman.

    Nice try, see ya tomorrow.
  10. Jesus... I know this is wrong, but... Iron Man?
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