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  1. Not when Dragon Ball Fighter Z exists.
  2. Ah, you spelled my name wrong, it's not C_uggs.
    It's "Capital C_uggs".

    Anyway, are you ready for tons of DLC in MvCi ?
  3. No problem. Sayonara, C_uggs.
  4. Anyway, good chat, now is 02:30, time to sleep. Thanks.
  5. That is indeed true.
  6. Either way, Marvel has a lot of potential candidates to choose from, as for Capcom... Yeah.. Just recycle the majority of the last game roster and you are good to go.
  7. It doesn't have to be 50/50. The thing is that a lot of the MCU stars already appeared in previous games. So it's not as black-and-white.

    Monster Hunter guy sounds... eh. But Jedah is exciting.
  8. As in 50-50 ? One half MCU representatives and the other half Marvel All stars ? That is not a bad idea, surely it will lower the chances of a new character or a uncommon option of representative to be in the game.

    BTW, at least we are getting Jeddah and "Monster Hunter" guy on Capcom side...Should I be happy about this ? I mean, Capcom has a good library of characters to choose from, yet they stick with the same dull options.
  9. They can promote their movies AND balance the roster with characters that made this franchise successful to begin with. AKA, the X-Men. Which would only get them more money regardless. It's not even like the MCU needs advertising with how successful it is.
  10. Marvel is not wrong in doing this, of course they want to promote their movies, but, it puts Capcom in a bad spot, even in the start when MvCi was announced I was "Fuck..Marvel will throw a bunch of MCU characters, the ones that are hyped nowadays.. But.. How about Capcom ? What do they have that is relevant in the present ? SF ? Sorry, but this game is called Marvel vs Capcom, not Marvel vs Street Fighter.
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