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  1. Yondu is cool. Pair him with mohawk Storm.
  2. In the marvel game I play, they just announced Yondu, after releasing almost all the components of the Guardians of the Galaxy (poor Drax). But yeah, I am still waiting from the release of Man-Thing.
  3. They can work. So can She-Hulk or any Guardians of the Galaxy.
  4. No, I was asking for possible teammates for Howard. The only one I could find was Man-Thing, lol. Maybe Doctor Strange ?
  5. Um... That seems rather random. But they are both bird-themed lol. If that's what you're going for, try Vulture.
  6. How about Howard the duck ?

    Ah, they released two spiderman villains, Vulture and Sandman.
  7. Cool.

    And I have no idea besides Super-Skrull since Mockingbird was replaced by a Skrull lol. Try Spider-Man. She has worked with him.
  8. Yeah, we have classic Wolverine (Yellow and blue outfit), X force Wolverine, eye patch Wolverine and Old Man Logan. All of them play different.

    Besides Clint, anyone else ?
  9. Hawkeye. They dated for a while. And they're both bird-themed.

    Does new version at least look different and cool?
  10. Hey, could you help me with Mockingbird (AKA: Barbara "Bobbi" Morse), who she is friends with in the marvel stories ? Who would make more sense to pair her with ?

    BTW, the game I play has a nasty habit to release different versions of the same characters So much that the game has 4 different versions of Wolverine.
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