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  1. That's pretty awesome lol.
  2. For me, besides the things you mentioned, I like this avatar because it is a crossover of two games. I love this type of concept.
  3. I like her pose and the art-style it's drawn in. Also, the monster (with a neat design) gives it a nice touch of adorable kookiness that adds more of a unique spice than just being the average kawaii avatar. Has an objective cool vibe.
  4. Well, she IS cute, but, what this avatar has that others avatars of cute girls that I used in the past doesn't have ?
  5. The girl in the avatar looks cute and a bit kawaii, unless I am mistaken.
  6. Really ? Lol, thanks ? HAHA, wait... What do you mean by "suits you" ? I am curious.
  7. I think this is the best avatar you've had yet. It's really quirky, unique, and suits you.
  8. I am using my old PC for a while now and, to my delightful surprise, I found some old stuff (music, text, images) in it. This image is one of them, I used this avatar in this forums a long time ago. (2010~2011)

    As a homage of the good old times, I decided to use old avatars (this is why the "costalgia" in the status).
  9. So what's up with the Aizen bromance?
  10. Ah, but I do have confidence in my posts and my overall passion.
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