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  1. Thank you Mario <3

    And yeah everything went well
  2. Happy birthday Kishido, hope everything is going well!
  3. Thank You very much Mario
  4. Happy birthday!
  5. At this point the only person I'll vote over Barto is Jinbei....but considering Bart's popularity is more centered to the arc going on now, this year is literally his best chance.
  6. I'm sorry for Nami-senpai but Barto needs to win. But I don't think it is settled. Other great characters are still in the tournes. Nami and Co have the problem that they got very little spotlight since the TS and if they got, it wasn't that good.

    But I hope you will support Bartolomeo now <3
  7. That was rough. But now it's clear, Bart train full stop for the championship.
  8. Yep! XD

    I think the problem is the BBC code, or something. Let me see-
  9. He is colored green after all... This is auto-win
  10. One of these days I'll have to make room. Luigi's the best!
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