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  1. Cool, give me your honest opinion on each arc
  2. Just started rereading it!!!!!!
  3. Yo man just wondering if you read any farther into my manga series
  4. I just finished part 2 now I'm on 3 but part 4's my favorite gonna bang out a lot this weekend

    you mean jyuuzou??? and now that you mention it he was my favorite I totally forgot about him, either him or Nagai just for his introduction lol

    MAR's the second series I ever read, and are you talking about
  5. I've read MAR already, I'm planning on reading Flame of Recca, but first I'm rereading JJBA, then your story lost in poem

    favorite character, Idk I loved lots of them, probably Ichimatsu, I love how in less then 130 chapters they had more character development then Bleach and Fairy Tail's series combined

    and hell yeah the zodiac designs were so awesome, that's what I love about his series cool monster/weapon/character designs
  6. Just finished reading MiXiM thanks to your sig, it was great!!
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