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  1. I can....but I'm annoyed how I don't like anything.

    Mind you the idea of me actually getting drunk terrifies me, because I'm manic and unpredictable as is
  2. You can celebrate without alcohol.

    Sadly not everyone has a healthy attitude towards such festive behaviour.
  3. I am cursed with not liking booze so.....this holiday is a bit annoying for me because of that :P
  4. Oh, you know. Pre-celebrations frenzy fights the proctrastination routine, and you are simply trying to survive it all.
  5. Hey Silver. How's it going ?
  6. So is your goverment really as bad as you say ?
  7. It's good, at least you responded in a manly way.
  8. Sure about what, the shedding or the parting? Yes, separation was inevitable. But our paths may cross again someday.

    And no, I wasn't formulating this reply for two days. I just forgot.
  9. Are you sure about that ? :O

    And why did you not pick anything else ?
  10. Avatar shedding season. As much as I love Kyubey Raoh, the time for us to part has come.
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