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  1. No worries, Dry. >_>

    I respect that you're able to stay so positive in the face of such a troubling condition. It takes a lot of effort not to give into despair.
  2. Thanks for speaking up for me, I appreciate it. I probably should have realised how Crystal would react to my post, but regardless. It was nice of you~
  3. I wasn't supposed to, but what would I not do to entertain others. The opportunity presented itself and it was too sweet not to seize.
    Luckily, this is only for now. I'm already feeling the withdrawals.
  4. Also, "I'm never going to change my parrot avatar" my friggin ass. >=P
  5. Hahaha, it's working as intended then. :D
  6. So I was like... "Who the fuck is Toraish".

    And then I was like... "-ish... -ish... ....!!!!"
  7. You may forward all love letters to my PM box as an alternative to Skype.

    I actually make the effort to keep my PM box empty.
  8. I believe that probably is the case.~

    Someone else sent me messages that didn't drop until they logged in.
  9. They should have .

    Don't tell me that it requires both parties to be online at the same time...
  10. I don't see any messages.

    Perhaps they haven't gone through yet.~
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