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  1. Thank you Kenny boy (and yes sir! Asap)
  2. Happy birthday, mom! <333

    Read Thriller Blend!~
  3. Alright, we can do it tonight.

    I'll be on FB so if I don't message you, just message me.
  4. Yep, I'm sure--as far as I know, when you go invisible on FB chat, they whole chat side bar gets fuzzy. Mine is just fine. Anyway, it hardly matters. FB screws up all the time. I've been in the middle of a chat and had the system tell me the person I was chatting with was no longer available. Annoying fer sure.

    Let's try for tonight, if you get this, or tomorrow if not tonight... sometime between 6 and 7pm est or so, k?
  5. Honestly, I never saw you online. Are you sure you're not invisible or something?

    I'm free for the next 2 weeks. You can set the time.~
  6. Kenny--I went on facebook, and saw you on there, but I knew that was the day you said you were coming home from being out to sea, and I was hesitant to message you--thought you might be unexpectedly busy (you know? Loved ones and friends wanting your time after you being gone, etc.--I didn't want to assume or intrude) I figured you'd see me on there, and message me when you had a moment. I see now I should have sent you a message, instead of waiting for you. I went on just for that, and left it on all night in an extra window so I'd hear the ping if you messaged. Sorry for being such a dunce, but I promise I meant no offense. Ugh. I'm sorry. Now I feel bad. So, let's make a new time then, k? When are you free again?
  7. *waits around for date*

    *gets stood up*

  8. For the most part, yeah. I got hired by a cattering company that sends workers off-shore. I'm going to be a UT (housekeeping) starting out making a little over 9 bucks an hour. But since I'll be working 84 hour weeks, 44 of those hours count as overtime so for those I'll be making close to 14 bucks an hour.

    I'm happy to hear you're doing well. =)
  9. I'm good Kenny. Got back form a wonderful trip to Japan a few weeks ago--house is starting to look decent again after the upheaval, work is coming along, new neighbors seem nice enough, kids really enjoying school already this year. Its all good. Thanks so much for asking--you are very sweet. And you? You doing good, Kenny boy?
  10. Hey, mom.~

    How've you been?
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