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  1. I sure did XD

  2. did you see that nicolas cage comment? PUT HIS FACE ON ALL THE THINGS!! XDDD

    You are such a trend setter. It's crazy. This is why you are the crazy bird lady of the Fandom Pirates. We'll spread our insanity to the rest of the world. I can already hear Skyrius's disbelief at our antics. But she'll totally join in. ONE OF US. ONE OF US.
  3. Seriously though, I'm kinda confused to see stuff like this SPREADING. It's ... surreal, somehow XD
  4. LOL awesome, thanks for sharing XDD
  5. oh god... just discovered someone's gone and posted your dancing eneru-tori on tumblr. while I do find the reactions hilarious, there's no credit. Actually there's a number of Eneru manips on there from AP. It's here:

    wasn't sure whether to reblog with a link to AP or to your tumblr.
  6. Damn, if it weren't for that ending ... XDD

    Still, this is AWESOME! I laughed so hard just now XDD

    Ugh, but don't remind me of the tournament, I hardly have any new stuff ready.
  7. btw Nia, I found this awhile back. I think it's a gold mine for the next character tournament.

    ..... Except that very last part. <___<
  8. pfft. Clearly Moriarty isn't Sherlock's biggest problem. I hope Watson can save him from this new menace. It's gonna make a great third movie.
  9. *giggles* Oh really? I wonder why~
  10. For some reason, this made me think of you:
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