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  1. Aw shame, i hope you're having fun with FF14 though, a friend of mine plays it a lot.

    May there be more Aikurou~
  2. Oh and I'm so busy I'm barely on the computer lately so no gifs for a moment :P
    Glad you enjoy Kill la Kill though.
  3. Well, I guess XD
    Soon I'll go back to FF14. Still a lot of work to do there.
  4. You go about it fast XD, i'll be getting there~ someday~ *waits for more Kill la Kill gifs*
  5. I am :)
    I finished Pokemon X about 6 days after getting it. Now I'm IV raising my favorites !
  6. Watched Cabin in the Woods because i wanted to see that for a while now (cause Whedon show~)

    I finished my Pokemon Ranger game which i found hilarious with the villains before continuing with Y (i'm waiting for mette to get an Aron for me)
    I'm basically raising 10-20 pokes at once XD

    You doing okay meanwhile?~
  7. <3
    So what did you do ?
    I ate tons of cakes and other sweets and watched The Conjuring (you know, Halloween) !
  8. Thank you~
    I will partially due to your wishes
  9. Happy birthday :)
    I hope you'll have a good time.
  10. Don't worry about it :)
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