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  1. Yes London.
    Mostly for a Legend of Zelda concert which was awesome.

  2. Hi again m'dear ^^
    You were in England?! Oh I wish I'd known. London I supose ^^ I'll be there mid-December.

    Thank you sweetie ^^ I'm so lucky that people have been great about this :D On and offline. I'll try to remember to go on MSN too~
    *huggles back* x
  3. Hey Miss <3
    I was in England at the beginning of the week !
    Thought of you of course~

    I know you've been going through some stuff lately, so if you wanna talk, I'll try not to forget to go on MSN !
  4. Hey hey hey~ You~ You're awesome :) x
  5. Hehe sorry it was rather odd ^^ It's for a French character in this writing project~ Thank you so much though, hopefully this will help create a personality for her :)

    *squeezes happily* Love you Lise~ Thanks again ^^
  6. That is an odd request. I will try though !

    Most common you say...
    'Putain' = 'Whore' but more often used as 'Fuck' / 'Shit'
    'Merde' = 'Shit'
    'Enculé' = 'Fucker' / 'Sucker' (for a male)
    'Salope' = 'Bitch' / 'Whore' (female obviously)
    'Va te faire foutre' = 'Fuck off'
    'Ta gueule' = 'Shut up'

    I guess that a nice list already but you can still ask if you need more :)
    *huggles snuggles to make up for all the curses*
  7. Hey m'love :) I've got a bit of an odd request to make of ye. I need a list of French cures & swear words (and their meanings haha). Can you help me out please? ^^ I don't really want to use a translator for grammar reasons and plus that won't tell me which are commonly used and such. Thanks <3
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