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  1. Hello there again sorry for been annoying :S but Im in a bit of a hurry Im really really interested in the Neo Figures youve got please reply ASAP.
  2. Hello mate just checking if u are selling the Robin , Franky and Brook Neo Figures and their prices Thanks :D.
  3. Helloo are u there??? just kiding I wanna know the prices of all the Neo figures you are selling please.
  4. Hi ^^-

    Yes, actually I might selling some of those. All my POPs are MISB... just to let you know XDD
  5. Oh sorry again Im also interested in Nico Robin's figure THX :D
  6. Im really interested in your sanji figure also sorry I hope Im not annoying :)
  7. Hi there hey do you sell your rob lucci POP figure??? O O
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