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  1. Prismeru...Are you back ? For real ?
  2. Merry Christmas and happy festivities !!
  3. For fun go with Mach Uppercut, Mach Punch Seed bomb and another thing you like b:
  4. For fun and thanks !!
  5. Competetively or just for fun? b: Mach Punch, Force Palm, Bullet Seed and Spore is the most common one.
  6. What is a good moveset for Breloom (Black I) ?
  7. Cool name for a Mawile !!

  8. Thank you for participating !! I hope you enjoyed playing as much as I enjoyed making this game.
  9. Hehehe, don't worry about it man. I know you've been having more pressing matters on you. But thanks :3
  10. Nice avatar.

    And I forgot your birthday O.o ? For shame !!

    Happy Birthday, Prismeru !!

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