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  1. AH, don't think I forgot about you and the " epic adventure in the Underworld". Nah, I am just living the outside world.

    I will return...*But shades ON*.
  2. Wow, that video was great and cute. Thanks for sharing.
  3. All of them are pretty great.

    Also despite not really being a big fan of Part 5, I'm excited for the anime adaption. I think it will work well in anime format like Stardust Crusaders (and maybe we can even one day understand how King Crimson works).
  4. Pucci and Funny (+ the majority of the cast of the 7th part) had stupendous flashbacks.
  5. Maybe is because of the recent anime adaptation of the 4th part, but, right now, I would go with Kira and Dio Brando (part 1).
  6. The great Funny Valentine, best filthy acts, best dojyan, best president. :D
    (and has the best napkin, of course.)

    Oh, and whose your favourite Jojo villain?
  7. Nice avatar ;) D4C and the president.
  8. I will be sure to use my non-existence powers wisely~ (though to tell the truth, I don't really feel different, just a bit bolder... and redder...)
  9. You just got elevated to a higher status. I hope you still like to chat with a scum like me. ~:-P

    Anyway, have fun with Jericho. ��
  10. Thanks Cap! Though I have 0 idea what is going on at all.
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