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    There's another straight to DVD film, Mystery of the Batwoman, but everyone just pretends that didn't happen.

    There's also Static Shock and the Zeta Project, both of which had horrible animation in their first seasons, but are connected. Wait on Zeta till you're a bit into Batman Beyond though, it has a backdoor pilot in there and sets it up.
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    I've been reading this mans work for 15 years now...and I used to joke that I could only ever catch up to his output when he stopped writing or died.
    And at 66 damn years old, here we are. I kept holding out hope that some medical development would swoop in and improve matters; not so he could write more novels (though I don't think he could stop himself as long as he lived), but because watching someones mind slip away is a terrifying tragedy to behold.

    Fuck Alzheimers.

    RIP Terry. You were an inspiration. I can only hope he died at least somewhat on his own terms.
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    Happy birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!! Argh o.o
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    Jesus, I don't think I could ever have the patience for that
    My pace of reading is so slow, I've long since reailized that the only way I can ever catch up to Pratchett is when he quits writing altogether, or dies.
    My to-read list includes
    I shall wear midnight
    Raising Steam
    Science of Discworld IV
    Johnny and the Bomb
    Nanny Oggs cookbook
    Wheres my cow
    World of poo
    Long Earth 1-3

    in whatever order I can manage
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    Right now I'm chewing through the Discworld Folklore compendium, and have just started the Long Earth, which seems like a good read- at the very least, the concept is great. Whats next for you? Nation?
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    I really liked the Bromeliad; I think its safe to say that critical thought and the questioning of authority and tradition are staples of Pratchetts themes. Thats probably why his writing clicked so well with me- though its equally possible that the writing helped shape my convictions in the first place.

    I've done some Discworld rereading myself the last year, and while Reaper Man still charms my pants off, I'm honestly amazed that Soul Music is what hooked me to the series. I mean, its not bad- but theres really not that much going on in it. I also read Making Money for the first time, and while again perfectly fine, I find myself yearning for the older writing style. Climaxes have never exactly shown up early in Discworld novels, but here I just felt it kind of petered out. Combined with the more...domesticated feel of latter Discworld, as opposed to the more outrageous nature of the earlier books (dimension warping pyramids!), it just didn't grab me as much.
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    I still haven't watched it, I'll get to it tomorrow, so no spoilers yet please!
  9. I saw and liked the finale, it actually addressed your issues in a satisfactory matter. Not to say it didn't have problems, I only LIKED it not loved it. There were some issues and the ending didn't do it for me despite APforums being rabid over it. I've written a vague review of it without any spoilers if you want to read it? Or do you want to watch the finale first and I'll post it for you later?
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    What I DO wanna see is Korra taking care of Kuvira, the mecha or both by herself. I felt like she had little to do with Zaheer's downfall, and even against Vatulaq it was Jinana's żlight emiting form? that finally saved Korra, even after awakening her powers two times in a row. I hope the series finale has Korra finally taking things head on and succeed at it.
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