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    Dark side of the sun...You can definetely tell he hadn't found his footing. It had a lot of ideas, but never connected them all that well, and ultimately didn't engage you with any of the characters. Mostly, it was just confusing. Together with Dodger, which I finally managed to finish, they were the only Pratchett books that felt like a slog to get through. Dodger is by all accounts better written than DSotS, but...it ultimately just felt kind of meandering to me. Climaxes often show up late in Pratchett books, but this one just never seemed to build up any steam.

    Strata I liked, but a lot of that enjoyment definetelty stem from having read Discworld beforehand. My favourite of the non DW books is definetely a tossup between Good Omens and Nation. I look forward to your opinion on the Long Earth series, haven't gotten around to those yet.
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    Check your PM box, I got some Sherlock Holmes questions you can hopefully help me with.
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    My love of Monstrous Regiment is is in large parts due to my love of Jackrum, but I can see you expecting more of a grand war. It being the bum end of the conflict however, I thought it did great in showing just how pig-headedly stupid and un-glorious war can be, horse-eating and all. "We may have jack shit to be proud of...but we'll fight to the death to protect our pride!

    Having not read beyond Going Postal in the Moist series, I always found it harder to get invested in his story because he was kinda (relatively for discworld) bland. Thats the whole point, but still.

    Oh, I guess you've covered Amazing Maurice too? Thats another goodie, I find. Sent chills down my spine when I read it.
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    Art of Discworld and Last hero are some of the most revisited books I have for that very reason. Art has a lot of neat author comments too- and the best part of the "turtle Recall" companion book is an old "definite" interview with Terry from quite a while back...as well as some quite nifty extras that I wont spoil.

    Out of all the "latter-era" discworld books, I'm most curious on your thoughts on Monstrous Regiment
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    Also, after a curious glance at a resurgent Sailor Moon thread, I suddenly feel like copypasting that one post I made in the Godzilla thread.
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    So, how fares the Terry Pratchett reread? I personally loved Carpe Jugulum and Fifth Elephant, but The Truth and Monstrous regiment even more so.

    I'm 3/4ths through Dodger now! Not a bad book, quite a fun spin on Dickensian London it just...hasn't hooked me enough to take up time from my busy schedule.
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    Since I'm unsure about the policy on rehosts of Crunchyroll's releases, here's HorribleSubs' release of JoJo: http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=539277
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    Wanted to say kudos on the April Fool's festivities. Expertly played.
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