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    part 3:

    Would I like to be making more money? Sure. But I actually am making enough to live (outside of like...NYC or SanFran), and only rarely do I feel like my time is worth more than I'm paid for (but often in those cases, the prestige of the project is a good motivator).

    And that crap about wanting the English release NOW GIMME GIMME NOW is pure entitlement. Even 20 years ago kids had to scrounge around for VHS tapes of anime and might not be able to catch up for years. The entitlement bred by internet culture is an ugly thing, and in the worst cases, it promotes shoddier releases.

    Crunchyroll, hulu, netflix, SJA...they're all providing good releases without an investment of "Hundreds or thousands of dollars". Yes, if you want a tankobon collection of all of OP, you're going to be smacking down $600+, but that's no small thing! Even if it's half the cost in Japan, most Japanese don't have the whole collection, either!
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    part 2:

    Copyright law is a Japanese problem, apparently. I've found that the Japanese side is often weirdly strict about stuff, even down to the technical nitty gritty, so it fits that they'd be anal about not wanting multiple, conflicting releases. That in itself might not be a good thing, but that's obviously not a problem that's "solved" by saying "fight the [American] power with scans!" Obviously we walk a fine line between scans motivating interest in a series that wouldn't already be there, and scans taking enough readers AWAY from official releases to make the publishers cancel them.

    I've only been in this for a year and half, but I personally haven't found anything that she said to be true. My pay is not god-awful, I don't get treated like scum, and none of my publishers do crazy edits after the fact that ruin my magnificent work. Again, sounds like this girl had some bad experiences happen to her. Maybe she sucked? Git gud?
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    part 1:

    Eh. Sounds like a lot of entitled whining to me. Like she obviously has an emotional agenda here.

    I personally have nothing against guys like you (like the Toriko translator guy on this forum, or the people who do Assassination Classrom) who put out quality stuff, and say support the official release, and don't make money from it. But when 80% of readers of bootleg crap get it from scum like Mangapanda (because they're inevitably the fastest, and someone getting something for free often can't be arsed to care about quality), that's not a good "stick it to the man" solution. Mangapanda is the man. Chinese men, making heaps of money from garbage.

    Her main argument about Viz (?) putting out crappy translations and having a monopoly just seems out of left field and really weird. Like Viz once kicked her dog or something. Because Viz and most of the big names do good work.
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    Do you know any quick tutorial links on how to clean magazine scans? I've cleaned doujins, but since they were on nicer paper I feel that the cleaning procedures would be different.
    Do the MHA vol. 2 omake's need cleaning or are they in the process of being redrawn/type-setted? When scanned, how is the quality of the paper in comparison to the magazines?
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    I haven't started on cleaning the Barrage one-shot yet. Let me know if your group has decided to go for it and what page they started on. That way, I can start with the last pages in reverse order if you guys start cleaning from the beginning.
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    For the last volume raws of Oumaga, did you manage to find a physical copy or is it the digital one?
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    Oh, I'd be glad to. I've never done anything like that before though so I don't know how it works?
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    Happy birthday !!!

    From AP poison princess to you !!!
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    Happy birthday to you dude. Hope you have a nice one!!
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    Sure thing. I am absolutely hooked on this series! I usually wait for English scanlations to read manga but I'm making an exception for this one because I want to know more about it so damn much!
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