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    Dankeschön! :)
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    First, happy birthday! Sorry, I wasn't on AP to see it. Hope you had a stellar time.

    So! I ended up landing that job, the one at Coyote Candle Company. All it really is, to put it simply, is just a retail/warehouse type job that sells eccentric western things and pays us too well. I clear my bills by a wide margin (if I consider what bills I'd have if I was out on my own again), so I can pay all of my bills and then save 50% of the rest of the money each month with this job. I actually make MORE than any of my previous jobs just starting out here.

    The owner has a cool philosophy in that he WANTS us to get a lot of hours, and he's been doing this a long time. My minimum per week is 54 hours, but I can go up to 70+ a week if I want to.

    I just wanted to wait until it seemed like I had somewhat of a tenure at the job, and it does indeed seem like they're keeping me after I've asked around a bit. :) Also, they feed us cupcakes and pizza on the job.
  3. Happy Birthday Enz!! :)
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    Hey, is me again, wishing you a happy birthday. :)
  5. There is hope for you yet, young padawan.
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    Been trying. Dude. There was this WEIRDDD job interview I got the other day. It was for this place called Coyote Candle Company. It's a place out in the more arid part of town where not too many people go. The description I got for it was that it was an outdoorsy type of job, with a guy who's looking for a rough and tumble type of dude who would eat a squirrel if he cooked it, and has a 50 foot dinosaur statue. I mean, I can't lie I was interested, and figured why not so I did the interview. I'd put it at about a 30% chance that I get the job. The interview went KINDA well but I just didn't seem to be the right fit for the guy. He was more focused on whether I fit the cowboy persona than anything related to the job lol. Oh well. To make up for my down-time, I'm gonna double up. I either want a 12 hour a day job 5 days a week or 2 serving jobs. I AIN'T DONE YET
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    Just sending this message to let you know that I'm still around and still reading Kingdom. My laptop (Linux-powered) is unable to login and it's apparently a common complaint with Linux 16 Cinnamon. Only reason I'm not saying the chapter number is cuz it's not high, laptop has been down for nearly 2 weeks. Other than that I've also been busy trying to find work so. I either read it on a phone (lol...) or one of my friend's/family's laptops/tablets. Anyway! I'll get back to you again. Focused on finding a job right now.
  8. "warming up to the idea of basketball". WOW Enz! I can forgive not being into American football, but that is borderline sacrilege.. better late than never, I suppose.
  9. Into American football, m8? Gonna try and host a watch party on IRC if you're interested.
  10. Just to have as another means of contact is all. Sometimes I host group chats for various sporting events and the like!
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