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    Thanks. I wanted to color whole crew, but then got lazy.
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    Hmmm., didn't see this. But yeah probably got into trouble with ebay on some of the rules and they suspended his acct. He made another one....his email is kenneth1001@hotmail.com. Hope this helps you.
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    heading to work

    lets see... Saturday I work... 12:15 pm (morning). That should extend to about 4 or 5 pm. I have many days off coming up in a bit, though. Now if we did it super early Saturday, I could talk for sure.
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    (that gif is unedited, by the way :O)

    The manga did end, yeah. However, the anime of Evangelion has always been considered the definitive source. The manga established its own canonicity. It's not the 'true' ending, but an alternate, enjoyable ending. You could consider the 4.0 movie one of the true endings when that comes out, yes. As of now, though, the true endings are the TV series ending and End of Eva.

    We need to get back into regular contact, btw. I'm on facebook a decent amount of the time (it's a private facebook, real one was deleted moons ago). So if you have one, lemme know.
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    There are no consistent early Magi raw leaks, so quite often, if not most of the times, the scanlation comes out before the raw. Since that how things are, early raws pop up randomly. 2ch > tumblr > elsewhere.

    Blame plushy Hakuryuu.
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    The avatar's more of Bilinda Butcher. The girl whose silky voice can give a person hazy orgasms.

    This is blunt, and quick, but I basically pretend the third movie doesn't exist. I would NOT take it as a continuation. A lot of people pretend the first few My Bloody Valentine albums don't exist (because they're not even nearly the same band), even the band themselves. The same's happening with the fanbase and 3.0. The true ending is BOTH End of Evangelion and the last few eps of NGE.

    Absolutely great. No complaints. Pay is great, people are great, work is sometimes a challenge and fast-paced but not overly difficult. Not yet, ha. I seem to be getting some interested girls though. I look fancy in my BJ's outfit, it's the only explanation. :D
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    Hmm... both are stylistic, I'd say. I've heard "thrown" before (instead of thrown off), and kindly is also an adjective; not just an adverb.

    But thanks, as always, for looking out :)
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    I do recall Monk being fun... You have a spirit you can farm with, and thats cool. As long as I was punching shit fast I was content, so I always switched to the Lightning Fist one. And you can use this whirlwind move where you move really fast and plow through stuff. Farming as Monk isn't bad.

    I'm gonna spend it on band T-shirts. Though if there's a realllly good hooker out there, sure - though HYPOTHETICALLY I would only deal with supposedly self-sustained escorts.

    NOM NOM NOM GIMME. mine's like... 2-3 years old.
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    We probably can once I get more $. And I have a nice paying job now. I would buy it if you started a Hardcore character with me.

    Just the one life... I think. But that's what makes it so interesting to me. One life, especially on games where you work hard for equip upgrades, is haaardcore.

    I guess it's okay but don't stain the ID with your love juices!! Or we could be super lewd and swap IDs for fapping purposes

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    So little that I'm not going to mention it :D Fiiine. Barely 100k with my Monk when I played.

    It gets really repetitive. If I was to come back, it would only be on Hardcore mode.

    Being 21 is awesome. The only thing that's weird is girls are like "whaaat you're 21?" *checks ID* ... *proceeds to furiously masturbate over dat ID picture* J/K.
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